ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A few local entrepreneurs are bringing a popular business concept to Albuquerque that will let people smash things for fun.

What may be the first in New Mexico, the so-called “ABQ Rage Room” is slated to open this week in the Broadbent Business Park near I-25 and Menaul.

“It’s less about anger and more just about things that you’re not supposed to do that you can now do,” said Alexis Hassley, one of the co-owners of the new business.

“Rage rooms” have become a popular concept over the last decade, allowing people to pay money to smash things in a controlled space. Typically, customers are given sledgehammers, metal pipes and other tools to swing at glass and ceramic dishes, electronics, appliances and furniture.

“Just a fun thing, where people can come and have a good time, you’re not going to have unhappy people at the end of this,” said Rafael Tigay, who also co-owns the ABQ Rage Room.

Hassley, Tigay and another business partner are all going in on the venture, which isn’t tied to a national franchise. Tigay says the idea came to him while watching TV. “I was actually watching ‘Law and Order,’ and they had a rage room on there, and I was kind of like, ‘why don’t we have one of these here?’” said Tigay.

A local realtor, Hassley says she wanted to help start the business to give Albuquerque another unique thing to do. “Gives people something to do after hours that didn’t exist before,” said Hassley.

Lined with plywood inside a small office space, the business plans to open up Thursday, August 22. They hope it’s a fun new outlet for Albuquerque. “Just relieve stress, just have fun and just break stuff,” said Tigay.

For more information about the ABQ Rage Room’s hours and price, click here to visit the businesses website.