ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Hundreds of New Mexicans joined national impeachment demonstrations to demand an end to Donald Trump’s presidency.

Protesters filled the sidewalks near Central and Girard. The rally comes just hours before the historic vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on the impeachement of President Donald Trump.

This protest is one of more than 500 happening in all 50 states. Organizers are calling it the “Nobody is Above the Law Rally.”

In a statement, the Republican Party of New Mexico said:

The Democrats have had one goal since Election Day, 2016–impeach Donald Trump. The entire impeachment process and subsequent protests are just political theater and an absolute travesty. The impeachment has been a manufactured sham, and there’s been no evidence of any crime. The President did nothing wrong. No abuse. No extortion. And no due process. There’s been no concrete evidence. The Democrats have been making up the rules and piling on the President from the beginning. The Democrats’ behavior is a sad commentary on justice and a stain on our democracy. The bottom line is this: the Democrats know they cannot beat Donald Trump next November, so they’re scrounging up this farce. They also can’t handle the fact that our nation is doing well: record low unemployment, massive job creation and strong border security. The members of our Congressional delegation should stop this nonsense and focus on real issues that affect new Mexico. This impeachment charade will soon end in the Senate, and we can move forward and tackle the vital issues at hand.

Mike Curtis, Communications Director of the Republican Party of New Mexico