ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Pride Fest wrapped up Saturday with one of the week’s biggest events, the Pride Parade. Saturday morning, it brought thousands of people out to Central to celebrate.

From Central Avenue to Girard, all the way to Expo New Mexico was filled with thousands of people young and old ready to celebrate LGBTQ Pride. “It’s our next generation, we’re fostering a new generation into being accepted and being who you are,” said someone in attendance.

This year, events are finally back to full force. “In 2020, we didn’t have one because of COVID,” said a Pride attendee. “Last year, we had a smaller Pride in the same layout and it was fabulous.”

Saturday was the final and largest day for Pride Fest. After the parade, the celebration wasn’t over. Hundreds of people made their way over to Expo New Mexico for Pride Fest. “We just came out here to support our local LGBTQ community in New Mexico and have a good time,” said another reveler.

Attendees were met with vendors, food, live music, and a place to be themselves. “It just felt like we’ve really been represented finally in New Mexico and we’re finally getting a chance to show who we are and not be judged for it,” said an attendant at Expo New Mexico.

Despite the large-scale celebrations here in Albuquerque finishing up, the people don’t want the love to end there. “It should be celebrated all year round,” said one in attendance.

Saturday morning, APD did not walk in the parade but they were there to provide traffic control and public safety. Earlier this year, Albuquerque Pride voted to not have APD officers walk in the parade. The president of the group released a statement explaining the decision.