The popular Penguin Chill exhibit at the zoo is temporarily closed. It’s an effort to prevent the spread of the bird flu.

On Friday, the flamingos and the eagles were moved inside to protect them from potential exposure to the bird flu. The zoo put up a fence around the ducks so people could not get too close. On Tuesday, the zoo made the tough decision to close the Penguin Chill to the public.

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Bob Lee, the zoo’s associate director says they have been monitoring the animal closely, and even though the penguins are protected by glass they want to reduce foot traffic in the exhibit. Only staff, like veterinarians, can go back and forth. The zoo wants to reduce any chance of cross-contamination by taking extra precautions.

“We’ve certainly increased our BioPark security measures and our PPE, different set of boots before they got into the habitat. We’re very careful about the equipment we bring in. We make sure its disinfected, so we’re doing everything we can to make sure they stay safe,” said Lee.

All the birds, including the penguins, are under 24-hour watch to see if they start showing any symptoms. Right now, none of the birds have any symptoms.

The big question is when the Penguin Chill might re-open. The zoo says they are taking it day by day but don’t have a definitive date.