ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Jon “Bones” Jones is a famous UFC fighter charged with slapping a woman inappropriately at an Albuquerque strip club in April. New police video show officers talking to the woman who is accusing Jones of battery.

The woman told police she was afraid of pressing charges because she believed everyone wanted to protect the famous fighter. KRQE News 13 is not showing her face to protect her identity.

In April, a woman called Albuquerque Police to her home to tell them about a run-in she had with Jones at the TD’s Eubank Showclub earlier that night.

Victim: Jon like put his arm around here or something, pretty tight, and I was like, oh you’re going to put me in a chokehold.

The woman told officers Jones was drunk and continued to be physical with her after she got out of the reported chokehold.

Victim: I got out of the thing, and as soon as I did that, he just like picked me up and you know, flipped me over whatever, and just started roughhousing with me.

She said just as she was able to escape his hold on her, but he continued being rough with her.

Victim: The issue is that when he put me back down over by the bar, he like smacked my p****.

The woman got emotional and started to cry while describing what happened to her to the officers.

Victim: The whole situation is so complicated. I’m not really sure what to say. This person gets away with f everything.

She even claimed Jones was breaking show club rules during his visit.

Victim: At one point he had me sit on his lap and stuff, and then he pulled me on his lap. When I was sitting on his lap, he started kissing on my neck and all this s*** and they’re not supposed to do that.

As officers explained to the woman Jones could be charged with battery, she hesitates.

Officer: So, you don’t know if you, as of right now, if you want to press charges or not because you feel like he’s quote/unquote untouchable?
Victim: It’s f Jon Jones, what am I supposed to say about that?

However, police assured her that no one is an exception to the law.

Officer: A crime is a crime regardless. Doesn’t give him the right just because he’s a celebrity.

Jones has denied all allegations and pleaded not guilty to the charges earlier this month. Court documents show a Metro Court judge found probable cause to support the battery charge against Jones.

Jones’ bench trial is set for next month. A representative for Jones declined to provide a comment.

KRQE News 13 called TD’s Eubank Showclub to ask if their policies have changed when it comes to patrons and waitresses since this incident. .The manager on the line told us he did not want to comment.