PNM helping federal employees affected by government shutdown

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - With a new study out that ranks New Mexico as the second most affected state by the government shutdown, many federal employees are likely scrambling to make ends meet.

One local company wants to help.

PNM officials say they are offering help to federal employees affected by the shutdown to make sure their lights stay on.

''They're in fear of their power being shut off and we want to help them through that. We don't want them to have that fear of my electricity is going to be shut off," said Shannon Jackson, PNM spokesperson.

As the partial government shutdown enters day 20, it appears neither side is ready to compromise over the president's proposed border wall funding.

With no end in sight, many families may be wondering how they're going to continue making payments on necessary bills like their electricity and gas.

PNM says they realize this can be a scary situation, and say they won't be shutting off the affected families electricity if they're already behind on their bills.

All you need to do is provide PNM a copy of your furlough letter.

There are also options for those federal employees not behind on their bill payments.

"We ask that they contact us. We may be able to share some resources for them that would provide some financial relief," said Jackson.

If and when the partial government shutdown comes to a close, PNM says they're willing to talk to families who are behind on paying their bills to figure out an arrangement to get them back on track.

If this affects you, call 888-DIAL-PNM.

Click here for additional PNM information.

New Mexico Gas is also offering protection to federal employees through March 15. 

Albuquerque Water Authority customers can also take their furlough letter to the customer service officer to defer water bill payments.

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