ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Prosecutors are asking a judge to throw out the plea deal for a couple who stole millions of dollars from veterans and the disabled. Susan and William Harris were facing greatly reduced sentences after pleading guilty to stealing the money through Ayundando Guardians an agency that is tasked with managing money for those who can’t. But before sentencing, they fled.

They were found in Shawnee, Oklahoma where prosecutors say they were living under the alias Marvin and Cheryl Valdez. They say the couple spent a substantial amount of money to buy fake ID’s saying they were from Utah and a new vehicle. William even secured a job at a grocery store in an attempt to fit in. Prosecutors are now asking the judge to sentence William to the full 15 years he faced. It’s unclear how much time they want Susan to face. She was looking at 30 years.

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