ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  The old water park by I-40 and Carlisle was supposed to be worked on as part of a huge development project. However, the property owner said they’d encountered some hurdles along the way, leaving Albuquerque residents questioning the building’s future.

“I feel like especially here, in Albuquerque, there’s a whole lot of those types of buildings, and yeah, with that giant hole I think it can be inviting for some bad activity,” said Albuquerque resident, Connor Boatwright.

Photographs of the inside show some of the “bad activity.” Boatwright said the giant hole on the building’s south side had invited trouble inside.

“It definitely doesn’t look good like that; just abandoned. I feel like they could do a lot with that just sitting there empty. It’s definitely not helping anyone,” he added.

The water park, which opened in 2010, closed its doors for good four years ago. Sitting abandoned, trespassers have trashed and left graffiti all over the building.

Residents said they hope to see the area get a new facelift. “I’d like to see it turn into something, definitely something fun, not just there as an eyesore where it’s not really serving any purpose.”

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A spokesperson for Rhino Investments Group, who owns the property, said they know trespassers getting into the building and are working with a security provider to address the problem. In the meantime, the property owner has fencing to keep people out as well as a security team patrolling the area periodically.

The Rhino Investments Group spokesperson explained upon beginning demolition earlier this year, the city asked them to hold off until they could come up with plans for dust control and stormwater drainage. The demo plan was approved a few days ago.

The property owner said plans for the 11-acre project will include an apartment complex or retail space. The developer said they should start tearing down the building next month.