ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s been months since the closure of the infamous Coronado Park, and one question has yet to be answered. What is going to replace it?

Now, the city is giving us an idea of what they hope the area will turn into.

The park has been closed since August, and it’s been up in the air what will come of it. The mayor is asking the legislature to help fund an Albuquerque Fire Rescue (AFR) facility to take its spot. 

For seven years, Coronado Park became a haven for the homeless, full of waste piling up, and crime running rampant. When the city finally shut it down in August, many in the community rejoiced.

At the time, the mayor floated a few suggestions including revamping it as a park and building affordable housing.

However, it’s one of his other ideas, he’s pursuing now.

“[It is] For special operations, there is a lot of interest to have a centralized, it’s for the entire state. It’s for law enforcement and fire department in the entire state to use a training facility in Albuquerque. We are asking for $20 million to do that at Coronado Park,” said Mayor Tim Keller Friday.

The city submitted a capital outlay request to the legislature, requesting $20 million for an AFR training facility. The city said it could also used by law enforcement and firefighters across the state.

Some lawmakers said the proposal is a move in the right direction.

“So, I think so this would be more of a bigger conversation with the Governor’s Office, the leadership of this House to get something like this done.”

Businesses in the area, like the Rio Bravo Brewing Company, agree.

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“I would rather have the fire department taking care of the park. That park’s been there 75 years, and to have a training station would be awesome,” said Denise Baker, owner of the Rio Bravo Brewing Company.

Baker said ever since the park was closed and the homeless cleared out, business has picked up.