ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Passion’s Story is opening up new opportunities for young women in need with its new salon program. The owner of Passion’s Story, Priscilla Smith, explains that the nonprofit salon will pay for women to go through beauty school and then provide them with a 12-month work-study internship program.

Throughout the program, women will get coached in entrepreneurship and financial literacy while also earning a stable income and building their own clientele. Smith describes the program as “a massive stepping stone that essentially allows them to use the beauty industry” both as an outlet and as a potential career path.

After learning that beauty school could be started as young as 16 years old in New Mexico and that a large percentage of the homeless population are teenagers, Priscilla Smith decided to use her knowledge to provide women with an opportunity to get out of potentially dangerous situations.

Passion’s Story is hosting their first gala this Saturday at the Marriott Pyramid. The gala will help fundraise to jumpstart this project. Passion’s Story is also looking for salon partners to help teach the young women how to network with local salons.

Smith notes that the nonprofit is working to launch a childcare center attached to the salon for working mothers. For more information or to donate visit