ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A twist in the case of the priest killed in a crash on Coors by an alleged street racer. Father Graham Golden’s injured passenger is suing the priest’s estate, claiming he was also to blame for the crash.

It was May 21 of last year when deputies arrived at the scene of a deadly crash near Coors and Pajarito in the South Valley. Father Graham Golden was killed – his passenger, Edgar Romero Ramos, was severely injured when they pulled out in front of a speeding Ford pickup truck.

Investigators say the driver of that F-150, Manuel Soria, was racing and is charged for the injury and the death. “This case is sad, there is no doubt about it. We lost a beloved priest, well respected in the community.”

Romero Ramos worked in a South Valley abbey with Father Graham. He spent months recovering from his injuries and the medical bills have piled up. “The psychological injuries are very severe and very long term,” says attorney Jim Ellis. “He has PTSD. He saw his beloved mentor die in the crash, it is just a tragedy all the way around.”

Romero Ramos hired Ellis. “We didn’t want to file this at all. Edgar didn’t want this accident to happen at all,” says Ellis.

He says it was a last resort to file a lawsuit against Father Graham Golden, the abbey, and Manuel Soria. The attorney claims Soria and Golden are equally responsible for the accident. “Father Graham was texting and driving and he pulled onto Coors and was distracted by the cell phone and he pulled in front of Manuel Soria, who, unfortunately, was speeding,” Ellis says.

It is called comparative fault. The argument – the crash doesn’t happen if either one of them is obeying the law. Ellis says they’re not looking to get rich, only to cover the medical and rehab bills.

Ellis hopes the lawsuit sends a message. “This should be the poster child for everybody to put their phones down, not text, not be on your cell phone while you’re driving your car,” says Ellis.

The Santa Maria De La Vid Abbey says it is unaware of the lawsuit and cannot comment on it. Manuel Soria is still awaiting trial for the crash.