ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Public Schools moved around start and end times throughout the district, and News 13 has received numerous reports from parents that pick-up and drop-off is a nightmare. “It’s madness; it’s upsetting,” said a parent.

One parent who tipped News 13 off sent in a video from Taft Middle School, showing kids running across the street – no adult in sight. On Tuesday, KRQE sent out a camera to see what was going on. That’s where our crew ran into a different parent upset about the same issues. “It’s not safe; a kid popped up in front of my car one day, and I had to step on my brakes because I was going to hit him,” said a parent.

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Part of the issue is that the change in school times means teachers are working bell to bell just like their students. In July, APS Superintendent Scott Elder said the district funded duty time from an $8 million stipend for all schools before and after the bell, but it seems, at least here at Taft, that is not happening. “Every other school I’ve had him in, even if it’s an adult and not exactly a crossing guard person, there’s still somebody directing traffic; there’s more organization than what’s happening,” said a parent.

With dozens of cars and even more students, it has created a headache that parents are begging to be resolved. “This is nuts. What the heck is going on?” said a parent.

News 13 reached out to APS on the issues here and was told that the principal at Taft was not aware of any issues. A crew was sent out with a camera during morning drop-off at Taft. At least that morning, they saw a BCSO officer and two adults monitoring drop-off.