ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The tourism industry has taken a big hit during the pandemic, but one of Albuquerque’s favorite attractions is adapting. The Sightseeing Factory, known for its trolley tours, is now giving locals a way to explore Albuquerque in a COVID-safe way.

Since 2009, The Albuquerque Tourism and Sightseeing Factory has been offering tours of the Duke City to anyone wanting to learn more about the history, its diverse culture, and of course, Breaking Bad. But like a lot of businesses, the Sightseeing Factory has suffered since the start of the pandemic because they’ve been unable to run their normal tours.

“A lot of businesses are struggling with this right now, businesses are being decimated by the Coronavirus. We’re one of those,” said Co-Founder of AT&SF Michael Silva. So they’ve gotten creative, starting a new tour, the Amazing Chase.

“It’s a scavenger hunt, slash cash cab, slash pub trivia, that people could do in their cars with the people they’re quarantining with,” said Silva.

Teams of five friends use their own car to navigate the city, answering questions and following clues to get from place to place. The team takes selfies at each location accumulating points for completing each task. “You might end up at the duck pond. One of the activities for extra credit is having the team taking a selfie with duck lips, at the duck pond,” said Silva.

This is the fifth chase, and at a time when people are looking for something to do, they say this is a perfect activity. “We’ve been extra careful, I think this is a nice opportunity to get out and have some fun,” said Kristen Sandoval, who was a participant in this week’s Chase.

Silva says they plan on keeping the Amazing Chase long after COVID is over. “It’s definitely one of the beautiful things out of this, it’s been a diamond in the rough of the COVID situation. We’ve uncovered and we look forward to keep polishing and see where it takes us,” said Silva.

The winner of each chase gets a Monster Pizza from Richie B’s Pizza. They plan to host a chase for all of the winners to compete for a grand prize.