ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Bernalillo County Animal officers are looking to re-home over 100 bunnies, all found living in one home. Normally, they come across people hoarding cats or dogs but no matter what the animal, this is what happens when you don’t spay or neuter your pets.

Animal control says it first found out about the bunnies after neighbors called to complain about them, saying the loose bunnies were hopping around in the street. They found 160 of them at the home.

“We actually had found the rabbits in smaller caged areas, outside, male and female both combined,” said Candace Sanchez, Bernalillo County Animal Care. When animal control spoke to the owners, they found out a few bunnies started out as pets but they were never fixed and that number kept multiplying until it got out of control.

“With the owners of the rabbits we actually did spay and neuter any of the rabbits that they are planning on keeping at their household, so we do have those prepared for them a lot of this is just education on how to maintain a comfortable and safe environment,” said Sanchez.

Animal control says, for the most part, all of the bunnies were fairly healthy but they did have to put down some due to injuries and neglect. Rabbits fight if they’re kept together and there’s not enough space.

In total right now, Bernalillo County has 130 bunnies they are preparing to adopt out. They are also working with local non-profits to raise money for the spay and neuter surgeries and for food.

They are hoping to announce when that adoption clinic will be later on Thursday. The county says the animals’ owner was given a warning because there was no prior history of hoarding.