ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Despite the discount days at the fair, visitors will still want to take a lot of money with them. If you haven’t been to the fair yet this year, the food prices are getting crazy. The food is one of the biggest attractions at the fair, but if you plan on eating this year, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.

A large fresh squeezed lemonade is $13. A cheeseburger, fries, and a soda will cost you $18, and so will a turkey leg. Fairgoers this year are stunned by the prices on some of their favorite foods. “Two pulled pork sandwiches for $36? I can get a nice full meal for that somewhere else,” said Cheryll Trujillo.

Monday was $2 day at the fair, but the cost of admission is typically $15 for an adult. That does not include parking. You’ll have to shell out even more dough if you want to get on the rides. It’s going to cost you $25 for 22 ride tickets. Each ride is about four tickets, so for $25, you might get on five rides.

Some fair visitors say the prices are so high it’s tough for a lot of families to enjoy it. “You’ve got rent, you’ve got all of these other things,” said Trujillo. “But, the fair is advertised as a family-friendly event. We asked if the fair organizers work with vendors to keep their prices down, so families can afford it.”

A spokesperson for the fair says the prices are left entirely up to the vendors. Vendors are charged a base rate to set up shop during the fair. The rate is based on the square footage and location of their booth. Dollar day for the fair is on Wednesday. The fair runs through the weekend.