ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Optum New Mexico stresses to the community The importance of getting an annual wellness check. These checks are crucial to prevent and detect serious illnesses. Dr. Jared Trost shares why doctor visits are critical for your overall health.

As we enter January, many people will be focused on increasing fitness routines, eating healthier diet, engaging in more self-care and nurturing relationships. Those are all important for overall health. However, what most people usually ignore is that one of the most important steps they can take for optimal health is to schedule an annual wellness exam with their doctor.

These exams may include screenings and blood work. They help detect and/or prevent large problems before they become less manageable and potentially lethal cancers, diabetes, and heart issues. This is especially important in a state like New Mexico where these diseases are high and their incident rate can be lowered through prevention.

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