ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Thursday marks one year that an Albuquerque family will be without their daughter after she was killed in a crash by a suspected drunk driver.

The family of Alyssa Barboa said the 29-years-old’s life was just beginning, but her life was tragically cut short on July 18, 2018.

According to a criminal complaint, Albuquerque Police said a suspected drunk driver crashed into her car near Pennsylvania and Comanche. Detectives said the person then fled the scene.

Since that day, Barboa’s cousin, Gabrielle Chavez, said they’ve tried focusing on the memories they made with her. “Extremely funny, always laughing, always with a smile,” Chavez said.

To this day, Chavez said the family re-lives a constant nightmare. “We keep thinking it’s going to be a bad dream,” she said. “That’s it’s a bad dream we’re going to wake up from.”

Casey Zuni, 25, was charged with vehicular homicide and for the leaving the scene of the crime. It wasn’t until an Uber driver alerted police that he had just dropped off a man who was bleeding and hurt that APD tracked Zuni to his home.

“It’s having to relive it every time we have to go to court,” Chavez said.

There is still no court date, and there will be no mention of the person accused of causing that deadly crash. Instead, Thursday will be spent remembering the person they loved so deeply.

“It just doesn’t feel the same,” Chavez said. “Like any gatherings or just being there, you just expect her to walk through the door.”

Thursday at 6:30 p.m. friends, teammates and family will gather at Valley High School where Barboa dominated on the softball field. Barboa’s former teammates also plan to retire her number, #13.

“She played until the day she passed,” Chavez said. “She was actually going home from a softball game.”

Meanwhile, the case against Zuni was dismissed in April after the District Attorney’s office said it couldn’t locate key witnesses to the crash before a deadline. Prosecutors just re-filed those charges on Tuesday.