ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – One of the world’s largest collections of atomic and nuclear artifacts is housed right here in Albuquerque at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History. But they’re running out of room and they hope you can help them out.

A tense political, ideological, and nuclear buildup between the world’s superpowers: the U.S. and U.S.S.R, marks the Cold War. And for people wanting to get a glimpse into that era, the museum is the place to visit.

“A huge part of our collection is from the Manhattan Project and the Cold War era just because we tell the story of the atomic age from its early developments to today’s peaceful uses,” said the Museum’s Deputy Director, Jennifer Hayden.

However, the Museum is running out of room for all of their artifacts. “Our museum has the largest collection of unclassified weapons in the entire world and currently we only have one fifth of them on display for public viewing,” said Hayden.

So the museum is holding an online funding campaign to raise money to help build a 5,000 square-foot specialized storage building, or a Museum Artifact Center (MAC) right outside the Museum. “The Museum Artifacts Center will be visible storage, visual storage that we will be able to properly house all of these artifacts,” said Hayden.

Large Cold War weapons and casings like this submarine rocket and the MK-15 nuclear bomb will finally be put on display after being kept in storage for almost 20 years. “This is not an exhibition that will be in the museum but this is something we could have behind-the-scenes tours for anyone that comes to the museum they can learn in an even more depth manner by going beyond the walls of the museum and going into the museum center,” said Hayden.

The building is expected to cost more than $800,000. So far, they’ve raised almost half of that. “This is an easy anyone can donate, five dollars, ten dollars,” said Hayden. “Of course we will accept the larger gifts as well.”

Heritage Park will also include a memorial to those who served in the Cold War. The online fundraiser runs until June 11.