ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Amid the coronavirus outbreak, many organizations have stepped up and answered the call to help their neighbors during this time. One of those organizations is the Notah Begay III Foundation that created the NB3 Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund to help provide rapid support to Native families and communities that have been heavily impacted by the virus.

(Courtesy Notah Begay III Foundation)

KRQE News 13 anchor David Romero spoke with the president and CEO of the NB3 Foundation, Justin Huenemann to gain more insight into what the foundation is doing and how you can help. Justin explains that in just three weeks since the Fund was started, individual donors have raised over $200,000.

“We’re involved in what we call direct action which is really giving food, water, and supplies directly to families and elders in need in those communities hit hard the most and we’re so glad that we’ve been able to raise what we’ve been able to raise,” said Justin.

(Courtesy Notah Begay III Foundation)

The Fund is so critical to these communities as it prevents families from having to travel to get essential supplies. “Many of the communities in the Navajo Nation don’t have electricity so they travel to local stores, the local chapter houses for water so we’re trying to do a small dent and alleviating people having to leave their homes and enter these group settings so that’s what our fund focuses on,” said Justin.

The organization will deliver 300 food boxes and 5,000 gallons of water to the Navajo Nation on Wednesday, April 29. They plan to deliver more food and water to local pueblos and tribes in the coming weeks.

All donations made to the Fund go directly towards providing resources to Native children, elders, and families. You can contribute to the NB3 Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund by making an online donation.