ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – “This is the Rio Grande district, you don’t see tall buildings. It’s supposed to be a nice rural type feel and this new apartment complex is going to take away from that.” Phillip Apodaca has called the North Valley home his entire life. His father bought this property in 1941 near Rio Grande and Los Anayas, and it’s been passed down ever since. But he says the historic charm of the neighborhood is threatened by a potential apartment complex that’s going to be built in the empty lot right in his backyard.

“Well for one, it’s obstructing my view of the mountains. It’s going to be three stories high, and the lights, the traffic, and not to mention the trash that’s going to be over here towards the back, towards our houses,” Apodaca said.

Developers are looking to build a three-story, 30-unit apartment building in the empty space on the corner. It’s been sitting vacant for a few years after a different apartment complex was torn down. Apodaca says an apartment building that tall doesn’t fit in this quiet residential neighborhood.

“I wouldn’t mind a single story, something that goes with the neighborhood but not an eye sore, some 3, 4 stories high, it’s just outrageous,” Apodaca said.

Word got out in the neighborhood about the complex back in April and neighbors have been fighting it ever since. The developer, Fritz Eberle, says he is listening to the concerns of the neighbors and has made changes to please them. It started as four stories but after the complaints, it was moved to three. Eberle says he’s also changed the layout of the building to accommodate the neighborhood’s wish to move the entrance and exit to Rio Grande instead of Los Anayas. Some are grateful for those changes, others aren’t convinced, like Apodaca, who has even thought about leaving the only home he’s ever known.

“I already have thought about that when I heard about this projects going to go up because it’s going to devalue our property, you know, nobody wants to have their backyard where people can just look right in from the apartment complex across the ditch right there,” Apodaca said.

There was a neighborhood meeting Wednesday night on this development. About a dozen people showed up to voice their concerns and listen in on the future plans.