ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A business owner in Nob Hill is frustrated with the parking situation along Central. Kim Apodaca, the owner of Andy and Edie in Nob hill, says parking enforcement officers are making an already complicated situation worse. She’s being ticketed, even though her meter is paid.

“I’m not going to pay $20 for a ticket when I followed the rules and regulations,” said Apodaca. While she loves her location and the Nob Hill scene, she says parking is a nightmare.

“I’ve had two different occasions where I’ve parked and paid my meter through the app and I’ve still gotten ticketed because they overlooked it,” said Apodaca. She usually parks right in front of her shop.

At one point she caught the parking officer writing a ticket while she still had time left on the meter. “I ran outside and said ‘hey wait I’ve already paid my parking meter through the app’ and he said ‘no you didn’t’ and I said ‘yes I did you need to look at it again’,” said Apodaca.

Apodaca shared a picture of her reciept for the meter, it clearly says her meter expires at 2:52pm. Her ticket shows a time stamp of 2:19pm, she still had more than half an hour left on her meter. So Apodaca contacted the city parking division.

“The girl said send it in to us, I’ll send it to my supervisor and we’ll take care of it. well it was never taken care of so obviously I got some paperwork from the courthouse,” said Apodaca. Forcing Apodaca to take time out of her day to fight a ticket she wasn’t responsible for in the first place.

She says this is impacting her business and others in the area. “People are already having a hard time coming to Nob Hill anymore, complaining about the parking and then they make it that much more difficult,” said Apodaca.

The app is supposed to make things easier for the user by notifying them when their time is up and allowing them to pay the meter from their phone with just the touch of a button but Apodaca says, if officers aren’t looking there’s no point. “I did everything right, I paid through my app and your overlooking you’re not doing your job,” said Apodaca.

KRQE spoke to the city’s parking division. They said they are looking into the issue.