ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New Mexico State Police is trying to connect to a younger audience, so they’re jumping on the popular app TikTok. Officers are always trying to find a way to connect to the public and humanize the badge and now they are going viral on their first try.

“It’s definitely exciting we never thought it would go viral, we thought it was something that we could kind of play with and see where it takes us so yeah we are super excited,” said Deputy Chief, Carolyn Huynh, who spearheaded the idea.

Their first video was posted near the end of March, showing a female officer getting dressed and ready for work. As of April 14th, over 500,000 people have seen that video and counting.

The team of officers behind the viral video says it took a lot of work to make, but with the feedback they’ve received so far, they’re already thinking of their next big hit. “It totally motivated these guys here to say ‘okay what can we do next how can we keep them engaged,'” said Huynh.

So far, they’ve received a ton of positive comments from viewers which are driving them to create more content based on questions they are being asked.

One question – How do female officers do their hair? Which is the basis of their second video that’s already taking off with nearly 90,000 views.

Right now, they are prepping for their next two recruitment classes. They are hoping to use these videos to gain attention and bring in younger recruits. The department’s next recruitment is in August.