ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A much-hated sign is back up at a busy intersection on Rio Grande and I-40. Drivers were hopeful the rule they hated so much had changed, but it turns out it didn’t, and the sign was just taken or blown away. Now it’s back up and the Department of Transportation says its for a good reason.

“We did some studies that involved the amount of sight distance that you can see as you’re turning right onto another roadway on red, and it just did not meet that criteria, so they did have to put the sign up,” said New Mexico Department of Transportation Spokesperson, Kimberly Gallegos.

However, some drivers say they don’t see the point of it when the coast is clear. “I have been stuck there and there’s no coming traffic and then I see the line behind me and there’s people honking like go,” said driver, Jose Suarez.

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Many drivers like Suarez say they don’t like the rule and today KRQE News 13 saw some completely ignoring it. Some drivers say the bigger issue is, that when the light does turn green, it only stays that way for a few seconds, causing a backup. ”They have to work on something because I mean like sometimes you have the right to go but because of the light it stops you longer it makes more traffic,” said Suarez.

Now, NMDOT says they will work on fixing that timing with the city. “There’s no reason why that light should be staying green for only a couple of seconds and backing up traffic on that exit. We definitely want to make sure that we get that interstate traffic flowing onto Rio Grande,” said Gallegos.

Some drivers who frequent the area say they are thankful for the rule. “I don’t mind it. I assume that the light is there for our safety, the cars that are coming southbound underneath the bridge if it’s to help us not get hit by one of them as we are turning south also, I think it’s fine,” said driver Rachelle Luna.

NMDOT says the signal timing should be fixed in the next few days.