ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Nine years after the suspicious death of prominent Albuquerque attorney Mary Han, her family is asking the New Mexico Supreme Court to weigh in.

Han’s estate recently filed a “petition for writ of certiorari” with the court, requesting the state Supreme Court justices review several questions in the case surrounding APD’s involvement in Han’s death investigation.

Han was once among the most well-known attorney in Albuquerque’s legal scene, representing clients in several high-profile cases. Several of those cases involved allegations against Albuquerque Police officers and high-ranking officials within the department.

In 2010, Han, 53, was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning in her North Valley Albuquerque home. APD quickly ruled Han’s death a suicide and didn’t investigate the case much further.

The lack of investigation is one of the driving factors behind the newly filed petition with the New Mexico Supreme Court. In the filing, Han’s estate argues that APD violated “state constitutional protections” for Han as a crime victim when the department investigated her death.

In the legal filing, an attorney for Han’s estate argues that APD had “indifference and/or bias against Ms. Han, who participated in high profile cases against APD.

According to the petition, Han’s estate argues that apd had a “conflict of interest” in investigating Han’s death, and should have requested an outside law enforcement agency to investigate her unattended death.

Han’s family has long believed Han was murdered and that police botched the investigation. They’re now hoping the Supreme Court will weigh in on if Han’s rights as a crime victim were violated.

The petition has only been filed with the New Mexico Supreme Court, but there is no guarantees whether they’ll consider it. That decision is entirely up to the justices.

In recent years, a New Mexico judge affirmed a decision changing Han’s manner of death on her autopsy report from suicide to undetermined.