ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A new video shows motorcyclists breaking the law doing slow tricks on the interstate. It also shows a truck breaking the law driving in the shoulder. This crash has police asking people to be patient when they see motorcyclists pulling stunts like this. “When motorcyclists are doing these types of things in the middle of heavy traffic its puts the whole public and drivers in danger,” says Albuquerque Police Department Spokesperson, Gilbert Gallegos.

Motorcycle tricks down I-40 caused a clear frustration for one Albuquerque driver Saturday afternoon. The truck driver drove in the breakdown lane to pass a group of motorcyclists but ended up crashing into one. “Its responsibility for both automobile drivers and motorcycle riders and groups. We have to learn to share the road,” says Greg Ortega, Owner Renegade Classics.

Both the driver and passenger of the motorcycle were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Stunts like this before have caused fatal crashes and near misses. Gallegos says these stunts can be frustrating for other drivers but urges them to remain patient. “The worst thing you could do is to react to and do something dangerous yourself because again you never know how the other driver is going to respond,” Gallegos says.

For other motorcyclists, they say an accident like this is a reminder to ride responsibly. “When something like this happens it spreads throughout the community fast and the awareness of what has happened makes people start to be a little more cautious,” Ortega says.

Police have not provided an update on the motorcyclist and the passenger. Police say they are still investigating. The driver initially ran from the scene but has since been in contact with officers. No word yet if the driver will face any charges.