ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The city of Albuquerque added a new speed camera along Coors Blvd. near Fortuna Rd. after previously saying they would not place one on state roads.

The city says after “a combination of traffic information, the high fatality and injury network, crash data” the decision was made to place a camera on Coors.  They told KRQE News 13 there is a need for additional enforcement on that stretch of road.

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Community members say that it is very much needed. “There are a lot of speeders, especially as we get closer to the rush hour traffic, there is usually about a car accident per month,” said Hector Hernandez, who works at Mariscos Altamar on Coors.

But it brings up another question, is the city allowed to place a speed camera on a state road? Back in 2010, a state transportation department policy banned speed vans and red light cameras on state roads.  The camera on Coors was placed on a median owned by the city, not the state.

The city and state both told News 13 they have reached an agreement to approve the camera. Back in 2010, many were against cameras altogether.

“I have a young daughter who’s getting ready to drive…as a parent I sometimes think the cameras are good. But, as a driver I think it’s a bit of a violation of our rights,” said one woman in 2010.

Community members now feel differently. “I think it would be good for the community. However, I don’t know how effective it might be. But hopefully, it works out for the community,” said Hernandez.

The city says the camera on Coors is still in test mode but will be live and sending tickets to speeders in the next few days. The city has ten active cameras. Coors will make it 11. They say they will add signage saying where the cameras across the city. They also say they will be adding even more cameras throughout the city.