ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A couple of local entrepreneurs are gaining a following by trying to help a wider audience hear about what makes Albuquerque great.

Ryan Freeman and Lindsey Dominguez are the voices behind a new podcast called “What’s Up ABQ.” The weekly audio program focuses on the people and businesses that make Albuquerque unique.

“’What’s Up ABQ is all about local creatives, entrepreneurs, small businesses, right here in town,” said Freeman.

While a podcast might not seem too cutting edge these days, the brother and sister duo behind the effort says they couldn’t find anyone with a similar style format, talking about the people and businesses that make Albuquerque so unique.

“Simply put, there’s good people doing good things all around town,” said Freeman, who recently moved back to Albuquerque after spending a decade in another state.

A cohost of the podcast, Dominguez moved to Albuquerque in 2000. Over the years, she’s noticed the city’s growth but says she hasn’t always heard positive sentiments shared about the city.

“There’s quite a few of us out here that are sort of out to change the dialogue of what Albuquerque is,” said Dominguez.

Interviewing local business owners and creatives weekly, Dominguez and Freeman say they’ve also noticed a lack of outlets where locals are able to share uninterrupted, long-form stories and opinions about the city they call home.

“You get to ask people the questions that a lot of times maybe they don’t get asked,” said Dominguez of the podcast. “A lot of times, when you ask somebody, ‘Hey, why are you passionate about what you’re passionate about?’ they’re ready to talk.”

So far, a lot of people are talking to the podcast. The podcast spoke Wednesday with the owners of a newer downtown brewery called Thirsty Eye Brewing Company. However, the episode will actually air toward the end of the year, as the duo has interviews booked out until December.

“We’re blown away that people keep reaching out to us,” said Freeman.

While the podcast has some paid ads, the guests are not paid to speak on the show.

“We’re not out to make money, we’re not out to like, do free advertising, we want to talk to people who are here because they want to be,” said Dominguez.

With shared stories from locals, Dominguez and Freeman hope they can help spread the word about what makes Albuquerque great.

“We’re here to change that story,” said Freeman.

“What’s up ABQ” has about a dozen episodes published so far with new episodes each week available online on most podcast platforms. Click here to visit the podcast’s website.