ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Drivers pass a billboard at Lead and Broadway every day and right now, one of the billboards in the rotation is catching a lot of attention.

Looking seemingly like an ad for an attorney… it’s actually anything but.

“Is it the one that’s like… what, huh,” said Theodore Schneeper who’s driven by the billboard.

People have definitely seen it.

“Well, I was really confused by it initially. But I read it but it said something about expanding your brain I think,” said Schneeper.

When you call the number listed, this is what you’ll hear…

“Hello, you’ve reached the center for the pursuit of existential certainty, where knowing is best.”

The responses are even more bizarre…

“Congratulations, you’re a house cat named Poptart. You enjoy sleeping on windowsills for 20 hours a day.”

The website listed on the billboard,, takes you a website with moving pictures. And if you scroll to the very bottom, you’ll find a familiar mask.

It’s been seen in Meow Wolf videos and in multiple photos for the Santa Fe exhibit. The phone recordings also mention the multi-verse, a reference also used at Meow Wolf.

Meow Wolf or not, people think it’s interesting.

“I’m definitely going to have to keep an eye out. That’s kind of awesome.”

We reached out to Meow Wolf to see if this is part of an art installation, but they did not return our calls.