ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – KRQE News 13 has learned New Mexico United is looking into at least three spots for a new stadium.

On Wednesday, the team would only say they are actively working on a privately funded stadium and have a ‘bunch’ of locations in mind. “Back in November, there was a vote that didn’t say no to a stadium, it just said no to that funding mechanism for a stadium being led by the city. We heard what the people said, we’ve been working on it really hard–I think in the next month or two we’re gonna make some exciting announcements,” said Peter Trevisani, owner of United, back in May.

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But, a city official has confirmed at least three of the sites the team is looking at. According to this official, the spots include the UNM property on Cesar Chavez across the street from Lobo Village, at Mesa Del Sol where the team already has a practice facility, and on private property near the West Mesa. Albuquerque Representative Mo Maestas is still in favor of a United stadium downtown, but said a stadium anywhere in the city is better than no stadium at all.

“It puts us on the map with other cities. It gives us an identity and it helps us create a city where young people want to live and thrive and that’s what we need here in Albuquerque,” said Rep. Maestas.

Back in November, voters turned down $50 million in bonds toward a city-owned downtown stadium the team would use. Rep. Maestas said even if the new stadium is privately-owned, the state legislature could still help pay for infrastructure around the facility to help bring new businesses and development.

“We have to realize that if we want to grow economically and keep our kids home then we have to do what other cities are doing and that’s building modern stadiums,” said Rep. Maestas.

He also hopes even a privately-owned stadium would have a partnership with the state so New Mexico students could play there and community events could be held there. KRQE News 13 asked the team about the size of a new stadium this time around and were told it’s all being discussed.