(KRQE) – Volunteers with the Red Cross, including some New Mexicans, are in place up and down the coast, setting up shelters as Hurricane Dorian continues to grow stronger.

Brianna Hrabina is one of nine volunteers from New Mexico who were deployed to the East Coast.

Hrabina and the other eight other New Mexicans were put on standby for this storm last Thursday, and less than 24-hours later they were deployed to the East Coast. She said a lot of the residents at the shelter left their homes after flood warnings were issued.

“Right now there’s a lot of tension, distress, a bit of anxiousness,” Hrabina said. “The kids are really confused, not too sure what’s going on. We have toys and things to keep them distracted and we talk to the residents, but really it’s just a lot of uncertainty at this point.”

The high school where she’s at can hold up to 500 evacuees. Hrabina said all the Red Cross volunteers are working in 24-hour shifts right now, just waiting to find out what this storm is going to do.

“As much as people think the hurricane doesn’t look severe, I take it very seriously because you never know,” she said. “It’s unpredictable.”

Hrabina said they’re expected to be there from two to four weeks, but that could be extended depending on how bad the storm moves in.