ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – More than three weeks after the governor gave the green light for museums to reopen the state’s museums and cultural sites are getting ready to welcome visitors once again. Among them, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science which as some new features to show off.

Staff at the Natural History and Science Museum can’t wait to welcome visitors again. The museum in Old Town has been closed since March but that doesn’t mean they have been idle. One of the many new high-tech features installed in the last few months is the touchless dino wall which is both interactive and COVID-safe.

Other features won’t be available right away. “Some of them, people are going to have to wait for, like the planetarium but many of the activities on the floor are improved,” said director of the museum Margie Marino.

The 25% occupancy rule means only 250 people will be allowed inside at once and will have to wear masks and maintain social distance. All the state museums are also holding special hours on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. “We’re opening up to anyone who has a pre-existing condition or wants a little bit more protected experience,” said Marino.

The museum has extended a couple of exhibits that would otherwise have been gone by now. One is Tiny Titans, showcasing dinosaur babies and eggs. The other showcases the work of artist Sayaka Ganz who creates sculptures from discarded objects.

A fan favorite, Bella the animatronic Bisti Beast, will be there to welcome everyone back. “Our animated dinosaur is really looking forward to seeing them, and I know from the phone calls, we’ve been getting that they’re really missing that dinosaur, too,” Marino said.

The Natural History and Science Museum is slated to open Thursday along with the state’s seven other museums and a handful of historic sites.

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