ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The effects of the governor’s health order to ban people from carrying guns in public places in Bernalillo County are trickling down to local gun shops. News 13 spoke with one local store in Albuquerque about how the public order has affected them so far.

“People are confused, and so, they’re not really knowing what they can and cannot do,” said Ryan Burt, CEO of Calibers Shooting Center. Burt said, since the governor enacted the ban, they’ve been flooded with calls and emails; but inside Calibers Monday, it’s a different picture.

“As you can see, business is slow. Why? Because there’s confusion out there as to whether or not people can bring their firearms in,” Burt said. Their usually busy weekend was anything but since the order, and it’s raising concerns for his business. “We employ 53 people, so that’s about 100 people when you talk about their families. So, yeah, I’m worried about 100 people, and, I’m worried about the society and the community in general,” he said.

He expressed worries about what will happen if people don’t feel comfortable coming to ranges to learn how to handle guns safely and stressed the importance of education when it comes to gun usage.

Burt expressed he wants a seat at the table when it comes to these discussions about gun laws. “I believe it’s unconstitutional, first and foremost. But my bigger concern, I keep reiterating, is let’s get at the table—Calibers, whoever—this side of the equation. Because we’re never invited to the discussions on gun laws, new changes, any of that,” Burt stated, “If we can be, I think we can make meaningful changes rather than just a blanket, ‘Hey, let’s not let the law-abiding citizens carry their firearms, and we’ll hope that the bad guys will also follow that order.'”

Folks in Calibers Monday spoke with News 13 about their views on the public health order.

“I’m outraged. It’s an absolute outrage. It’s against our constitutional rights, the Second Amendment. She has no right. She overstepped her bounds. It’s outrageous,” said Karlin Montoya, Albuquerque resident, “It sparked me coming to buy a gun, actually.”

When asked what she thought about the public health order, Judith Wilkins, another Albuquerque resident, responded: “I would like to know who Madam Grisham thinks she is anyway. She has no right as a governor or any other governor for that matter to take away, do away with Second Amendment rights or any other rights that are amended to the Constitution.”

Burt said the Department of Public Safety (DPS) has assured him they are continuing to process concealed carry applications. According to DPS, there are currently more than 3,000 people in Bernalillo County with concealed carry licenses.