ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – New video and emergency dispatch recordings are shedding light on a deadly shooting by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies. The shooting happened on April 1 near Isleta and Arenal, resulting in the death of a 37-year old suspect.

During a news conference Tuesday, BCSO identified the deceased suspect as Taylor John Crabb. Crabb and several other people were first reported to deputies around 7 a.m. on April 1.

A caller, who was watching a video feed from a remote location, reported “a whole bunch of men” that weren’t authorized to be on a property along Saavedra Drive. The caller suggested a similar large group of men were also on the property the night before, possibly stripping a vehicle.

BCSO shared video Tuesday of the first patrol deputies arriving on scene roughly 11 minutes after dispatchers received the emergency call. Crabb was inside a Cadillac sedan when deputies got to the property. Within a few moments, deputies say Crabb used the car to ram into deputies patrol cars, escaping the property.

The initial responding deputies followed Crabb’s car south down Isleta Boulevard. BCSO says the chase stopped near the intersection of Arenal and Lopez. There, video shows Crabb fired a gun at deputies while at least two deputies returned fire.

After the initial shooting, BCSO then called a SWAT team to the car Crabb was inside of on Lopez Road near Arenal. The department says Crabb was given several commands while inside the vehicle and could be seen rolling down the window, smoking a cigarette. About 40 minutes after the initial shooting, a SWAT team opened fire on Crabb, killing him inside the car.

Deputies say Crabb, who was alone, had several weapons in the car with him and was wearing body armor. Five shell casings from Crabb’s weapons were found at the scene.

Crabb has a criminal history in New Mexico. In early 2013, Crabb pleaded no contest to a 2012 case out of Torrance County where he was charged with battery on and disarming a peace officer and drug possession.

BCSO Captain Nicholas Huffmyer said Tuesday he did not know if investigators were able to determine if any other suspects were at the property deputies first responded to before the shooting. “As to whether or not he was there by himself that morning, I don’t know that we’ll ever know the answer to that.”

Huffmyer also said he did not know if investigators have been able to find any links to other suspects that this point. It’s also unclear where Crabb got the guns he was in possession of.

When asked if BCSO investigators found evidence of a crime at the initial property deputies responded to, Huffmyer said he did not have the answer to the question. “It’s possible, but I don’t know,” he said.