ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – It was a team effort among neighbors to help a four-legged friend. Rescuers say thanks to social media, they were able to recruit others to help out a lost dog in the Petroglyphs.

On Sunday, Kyra Nieto was on her way home when she saw a lost dog in the Santa Fe Village neighborhood near Petroglyph National Monument. “I saw a dog in the road, so I stopped and tried to get him to come in my car, but he wouldn’t,” said Nieto.

After trying to encourage the dog to go with her, the dog ran off into the Petroglyphs. That’s when she says the rescue effort began. She decided to make a post on the Nextdoor app hoping someone would know what to do.

“I took some pictures giving an idea of where we were located, and I was like, can anybody from the neighborhood please come help us? We’re just stuck right now,” said Nieto, “We don’t know what to do. But this dog is here, and he needs our help.”

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After seeing the post, people from around the neighborhood came to the rescue. Nieto mentioned everyone brought water, leashes, and treats to help.

They found the dog hiding under a huge rock and tried to get him to slip out using the treats to encourage him. “It was kind of like a horseshoe shape inside the little cave that was made out of rocks and there was no way for us to get around to the larger entrance,” said Nieto.

Eventually, they dug a hole big enough for the dog to come out. They then took him to a nearby veterinarian. Nieto shared, “We don’t know how long he’s been out there. But he is very skinny. You can see his ribs. His collar just slid right off of his neck over his head.”

She says the vet told them the dog could be a year or two old. They scanned for a microchip but didn’t find one. They posted his picture to socials. Now, they are waiting to see if they can find his owners.

“He knows how to shake. He knows how to sit. He knows how to lay,” added Nieto, “I’m sure whoever he belongs to, he was really loved.”

According to Nieto, the dog is a Shepard mix. She mentioned he is friendly and does well around kids. The dog is currently staying with the Nieto’s as they wait for his family to find him.