ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A usually quiet neighborhood, many residents of Glenwood Hills have been left with more questions than answers after multiple people were randomly shot by their own neighbor. People in that Foothills neighborhood met with Albuquerque Police Tuesday evening to voice their concerns and demand change.

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“A lot of shock, a lot of sadness because I’m a member of the community, I heard the shots, I heard it all actually happen through my balcony,” said Idalia Lechuga-Tena, a member of the Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Association. “It’s happening all over our city unfortunately and this, a shooting, and someone running with a gun, you don’t hear that, especially in this area.”

Police say 52-year-old John Dawson Hunter targeted his victims at random. All were within the vicinity of his home where he lived alone.

“Had experienced some sort of mental health crisis,” said Lt. R. Del Grego with APD. “That mental health crisis led him to explode if you will, that started a chain of events that led to what happened yesterday.”

Alicia Hall, 31, was killed in her car. Tonight, a family member remembers Hall as a beautiful and gentle person who would often pick up stray animals and find them a home. They say her death has caused “an irreparable hole” in their family.

The two other people shot Monday night, including a teenager, are expected to be okay. Police also debunked previous reports that the shooting started from someone driving through the area shooting off rounds.

“Mr. Hunter was on foot,” said Lt. Del Greco. “He was out in the neighborhood of his house and never left that area.”

One neighbor recalled his own experience with Hunter. He says the man kept an untidy yard and one day, he approached him.

“I, unfortunately, had the displeasure to meet Mr. Hunter because I have lived in this neighborhood since 1988,” said Nick Manole with the Glenwood Hills Neighborhood Association. “He was out there one day and I said, ‘hi, by the way, I’m vice president of the neighborhood, and we have a landscaping program and help neighbors and we would like to help you with your yard.’ At that point, he became unhinged.”

He claims Hunter had some choice words and he avoided him ever since. According to court records, it doesn’t appear Hunter has any criminal history in New Mexico. While some neighbors hope they can raise money for overtime police patrols to come through here, others say even if it was in place, it may not have prevented what happened.