ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A proposed apartment complex has neighbors in the Heights up in arms. Their neighborhood near La Cueva is dotted with pricy homes and they don’t think an apartment complex will add to it.

People who live near the vacant lot on Alameda and Barstow say this is not the kind of development they were hoping for. “It’s too tall, it’s too big, and it doesn’t fit with the neighborhood,” says Nancy Jones.

Residents in the far Northeast Heights aren’t too happy about the proposed Alameda Luxury Apartments. The apartments would take up the vacant lot at the intersection of Barstow and Alameda. Neighbors are worried about traffic, blocked views of the mountains and a loss of privacy.

“There is going to be lights, there’s going to be three stories, and they can look down on us and see in our yard, possibly hit the wall and the owners are stuck,” Jones says.

Neighbors say in the year-long battle against the developer, they’ve applied to change the zoning and block the construction. “This whole process is being sped up so it can be approved before we convert it,” says Maria Scarpa.

Planning and Zoning officials say they’ll review the project closely to ensure that it respects the rights of nearby property owners.

“While at the same time balancing that, and ensuring neighborhoods are getting quality development that meets the standards and the protections that are built into city ordinances, that those are realized and applied in situations like this,” says Brennon Williams.

Residents say they were hoping for a different kind of development. “We thought perhaps retail would go in there, or homes, just residential homes. But obviously, if you do that you’re not maximizing the amount of money you can make, so this is what this is,” Scarpa says.

The Planning Department will hold a hearing on this project next Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. This project is still in the planning stages. If it’s approved, the developers wouldn’t break ground until later this year, possibly early next year.