ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) –  The Foothills community is outraged tonight, over what someone did to deer in their neighborhood. Photos are circulating on the internet, of two deer that were shot illegally, one killed, another left for dead.

According to neighbors, the deer were shot in broad daylight on Saturday. People KRQE News 13 spoke with are completely outraged by this and they are calling for whoever is responsible for the shooting to be brought to justice. “I am, I am outraged. I am totally outraged,” said Nona Gossage, a resident in the area.

Two does were shot by arrows. “One went and jumped over a fence to a property that they are comfortable in. And that one had an arrow in its side,” said Gossage. “One staggered and fell on a property and it took about at least two hours to die.”

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The other was still alive with an arrow lodged in its side so neighbors called Game and Fish.

Tristianna Bickford, a spokesperson with NM Game and Fish, said, “So it can be really hard to see these especially if it’s in your backyard. And our officers, it is an update, our officers were able to find the second deer this afternoon. And they were able to tranquilize her, remove the arrow, they treated the wounds and have released her.”

Neighbors say that it’s common for wildlife to end up here in their yards, and they respect them. “Deer are part of our entire neighborhood, they’re very comfortable here, we’re comfortable with them,” said Gossage.

Game and Fish say there are times of the year, and places to hunt, and their neighborhood is not one of them. “When people poach animals such as deer or any of the other species, it really takes away from…from one, from people who are trying to do it legally. But also people who really enjoy seeing wildlife,” said Bickford.

“There’s a time and place for hunting, this is not the place or time and also doing it in a cruel way. Just wanting to injure wildlife and killing them in a very in a very horrible manner,” said Idalia Lechuga-Tena.

No word yet on if the individual or individuals that are responsible have been caught. In New Mexico, leaving an animal carcass behind is a 4th-degree felony, and a five thousand dollar fine.