ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Occasionally, you spot a coyote roaming around the metro, but they usually keep to themselves. People say coyotes in their neighborhood are especially brazen lately, following them and targeting their pets.

Phyllis Wong says a coyote jumped the fence at their home near Unser and Ladera, biting her dog in the neck. The dog survived, but everyone in her neighborhood is shaken up and on edge.

“The vet did mention since this was a successful attack, the coyote is really likely to come back, so that really puts the neighbors at risk, if he doesn’t find anything here, he’s going to look in the other houses,” said Wong.

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The attack on Wong’s dog happened Monday morning, but there was another incident a few blocks away. Twila Sharma says she was walking her dog near Painted Sky Elementary School when she noticed a coyote following her.

In fact, residents say they’ve seen a coyote follow students from Painted Sky to school. Sharma was able to make it home safely and quickly called 311 to report it. “They said they don’t have a relocation program for the coyote, which seems odd because if a dog were to attack a person, then that dog gets euthanized,” said Sharma.

It’s unclear if it’s the same coyote in all of the incidents, but Sharma says it’s concerning that these animals don’t appear to be scared of people.