ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A couple of college students thought they were victims of a thief, until a few days later, they received a belated Christmas surprise. Their dining room chairs were returned, completely refurbished.

As a University of New Mexico student, Conrad Duran says it’s tough to afford furniture, so he and his girlfriend Andrea try to find it wherever they can. In this case, they found a couple of dining chairs left out on the curb.

“So whenever we find furniture that’s in good condition, or even if it’s in rough shape, I usually like to try and fix it up a little bit. I did find them a little bit down my street and decided to pick them up,” said Duran. “I just grabbed them and left them outside of my garage door which is really not that close to the curb, then I had to go to work.”

When Duran came home after working a double shift on Christmas Eve, the chairs were gone. He figured they were hit by a thief and the chairs was a lost cause. “I’ve gotten a few items stolen from me over the years living here, ever since I moved here,” said Duran. “It’s one of those things where you come to terms with it.”

When they got back this weekend from visiting family for Christmas, they found a pleasant surprise from a neighborhood Santa. The chairs were back on the porch, refurbished, with a new coat of paint and new seating. “I thought they had been stolen and lo and behold, they had just taken them, redid them, and returned them as a Christmas gift or something like that,” said Duran. “Now they just look absolutely beautiful.”

Accompanying the chair was a note about giving and doing good for others. After a rough year, Duran says this simple display of kindness means more than the good deed-doer may realize. They hope beyond the holidays, people can continue this kind of selflessness and kindness for others. The couple says while they don’t know who refurbished the chairs, they hope their Secret Santa sees this and knows just how grateful they are.

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