ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque mother, whose baby was murdered by his father, wanted something special to remember her son. But, the keepsake she ordered to hold his ashes was stolen. Not during a car or home break-in, in this case, it appears the thief may have pulled a fast one on the postal worker.

“It had so much significance. I already knew where I was going to display it,” said April Sanchez, the mother of Felix Phillips. The 10-week-old was killed by his father, Spenser Phillips, in 2015.

“All I did was go to work. I had a four-hour shift and he couldn’t watch him for four hours,” said Sanchez. Investigators believe Phillips’ purposefully hit his son’s head, causing severe and, ultimately, fatal injuries.

“It was so severe his head blew up like an alien head. I mean it was so abnormal. It was full of blood. His eyes were full of blood. There was no coming back,” said Sanchez.

Looking for ways to honor and remember Felix, Sanchez ordered a custom starfish that would have his ashes embedded inside.

On Saturday, Januar 25, Sanchez got a notification the package had been delivered. However, she hadn’t heard a knock on the door, much less signed for any package. Sanchez says she went to the post office, only to discover the postman may have been tricked.

“I guess he saw someone on the sidewalk or in my driveway and they claimed to be my sister or a relative, and I’m an only child. So, they signed for it and they took the package,” said Sanchez.

A spokesperson for USPS claims whoever the fake sister really is, had “pulled into the driveway.” The mail carrier claims, the driver identified herself as the recipient’s sister and she then “produced identification bearing the same last name as the recipient.”

Sanchez doesn’t buy that excuse. USPS is now launching an investigation into what happened.

Late Tuesday, KRQE News 13 learned this mail carrier is actually a City Carrier Assistant. The spokesperson tells News 13, this was their only day on that route and they have since been moved on to other duties.

Now, Sanchez just wants the person who stole her baby’s ashes to return them. “It’s devastating. Absolutely devastating,” said Sanchez.

If you have any information on where the ashes may be, click here to contact Sanchez.