ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – More than a dozen people are planning to take legal action against the City of Albuquerque over plans to build on the Elena Gallegos Open Space.

A non-profit, ‘Save the Elena Gallegos Citizen Committee’ started a petition back in October against a proposed educational center. The center would be built specifically on the Pino Trail or the Cottonwood Springs Trailhead. The petition collected over 8,000 signatures and has also received support from environmental groups that include the Central New Mexico Audubon Society.

Now the organization is preparing to take legal action, arguing that if the city moves forward with the educational center it will be directly violating an agreement from 1982 that prohibits development in the area. The ‘Save the Elena Gallegos Citizen Committee’ states there are 16 plaintiffs in the lawsuit and plan to file litigation early this week.