ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Coronado park has been cleared out for about a week, but it didn’t take long for homeless camps to pop up again. Several people once living at Coronado Park have moved just a little east of the park around I-40.

Nearby residents and businesses along Frontage road and Edith say the city’s attempt to clean up the park and the surrounding area has only made things worse. Saying ever since the park’s closure to the homeless, the people who had been living there have now migrated right into their neighborhoods. 

“Now we have them all around us at least over there they were set in a place. I don’t think they did a good thing there. There are tents right there just near to where I live, we all live here,” said Beatriz Pacheco. “They had a place to go. Now they are on people’s front doors. I have other people that are in a business that every morning you have to ask them to go away and leave you alone, and then you’re berated for that,” said nearby Salteydogg Metal Business Manager Wayne Brooks.

People who live in the area say the biggest problem is under I-40 on Edith, where close to a dozen people are now living. Several other encampments have also popped up just a few streets along Commercial and 1st street.

While many have set up tents, most are living out of shopping carts, some even cars. With so many people now roaming around, business owners and residents in the area say they’ve been forced to beef up their security.

“I don’t feel safe with those people around here. I was coming from the store one day, and they just came against my car. It’s very dangerous, especially at night you can’t even drive through there if you pass through there because they already own the street if you pass through there they come against you. “I plan on getting a camera, that’s what I plan on doing, I can’t do anything else,” said Pacheco. 

Affected nearby businesses and residents in the area say they hope the city steps up and comes up with a solution fast. We reached out to the city. A Department of Solid Waste spokesperson says they are aware of the encampments along the I-40 underpass and say they have provided notice to the homeless living there to vacate. The city says the 72-hour removal notice still stands, however they say they expect to have those encampments cleared by the end of the week.