ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Another monolith has been spotted and this time it’s in Albuquerque. Mayor Tim Keller confirmed via Twitter that a monolith popped up near the Pan American Freeway and Montano Road on Monday, Dec. 7.

People were flocking to the parking lot behind REI all Monday to get a glimpse and even a selfie of the monolith. The manager of REI said one of his employees saw three people placing the 10-foot monolith behind their store Sunday evening around 5:30 p.m. Unfortunately they don’t have any video or pictures. But the employee told the manager it took the group about 10 to 15 minutes to properly place it so it would be stable.  

“I think it’s cool, I don’t think it hurts anything,” said Scott Tillman who visited the monolith. “I think it’s 2020, we’ve had a tough year, I think if we have a couple cool monoliths popping around the desert I don’t think it’s harming anybody, I think it’s cool to have something interesting in this year.” 

This comes after the first silver metallic structure mysteriously appeared in Utah then several others around the world including California and Romania. While it is still unknown why these unusual structures are appearing, a New Mexico artist collective is taking credit for them.

The Most Famous Artist art collective out of Santa Fe is selling the creations, “Authentic Alien Monolith” for $45,000 on their website. The works are listed as 10-feet-tall and include delivery and installation.

The collective’s Instagram page and website show several images of individuals appearing to work on a monolith in addition to renders of the creation as well as screenshots from multiple reporters asking for comment regarding the collective’s involvement in the installations. The group’s founder, Matty Mo, declined to do an interview with KRQE.

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