ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There was a passionate public debate Wednesday night. Those involved discussed a push to allow the building of more homes in Albuquerque neighborhoods.

More than three dozen people showed up to address the City Council Land Use Committee, about a third of them against the proposal. Homeowners and neighborhood association representatives from across the city told councilors the proposed zoning changes in the mayor’s “Housing Forward” plan do too much too fast.

The plan would allow casitas and duplexes in neighborhoods that currently only allow single-family homes. It would also lift height limits for certain residential developments, reduce minimum parking requirements, and relax the definition of a residential kitchen.

Meanwhile, other neighborhood groups supported the change along with students, realtors, and community advocates. They argued the changes are necessary to start putting a dent in the city’s housing crisis.

Councilors made a few revisions, including keeping height restrictions in historic and other protected zones. They will revisit the proposal at their April 26 meeting.