ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Wildland firefighters continue to battle blazes across the state. On Monday, a fire struck the bosque. This was the metro’s first major fire of the season. Albuquerque Fire Rescue and the Wild Land Task Force worked to keep it away from homes. 

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Homeowners were armed with garden hoses trying to keep the latest bosque fire from their houses on the west side of the Rio Grande. While firefighters in the bosque below took on the flames. This time last year AFR had already responded to several fires in the Bosque. 

No homes were evacuated during Monday’s bosque fire. Firefighters had the fire fully contained by 6 p.m. Weather has already had a big impact on wildfires this year. “As we saw unfortunately in Ruidoso and some of the fires in and around the state recently, a large component of weather that contributes to the spread of fire is wind,” Lieutenant Tom Ruiz with Albuquerque Fire Rescue said.

In order to keep a handle on fires this year, open space patrols have already started in the bosque. It allows crews to react quickly when a fire breaks out. During the summertime, there will be somebody on bosque patrol every day. “It almost acts as a deterrent for folks who may be doing something that they’re not quite supposed to be doing in the Bosque. you know they see us out on patrol,” explains Lt. Ruiz. 

Ruiz wants to remind people that keeping the Bosque safe is everyone’s responsibility. As we’ve seen in the past, prescribed burns can turn into wildfires on windy days. officials say these kinds of burns are not allowed in the bosque. Instead, crews use different ways to keep the area healthy. “It’s a thinning out project and we’ll go through and thin out some of that smaller brush and those drier leaves,” he said. 

AFR officials want to remind people that there are certain days where burning is allowed depending on the forecast. You can find out if it’s a burn day in the metro by calling 505-768-BURN. Monday’s fire in the bosque is believed to be man-made but the exact cause is still under investigation.