ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Mayor Tim Keller and Albuquerque City Councilors provided a briefing on the 2021 G.O. Bond Package on Thursday, January 14. The proposed bond package includes about $140 million in spending and will be on the ballot in November.

“Our focus is clearly the pandemic. And as you also know, our priority is still of course fighting crime. But, we also know we’ve got to do things like plan for the future and invest in communities. And those things should never take a back seat because we’re in a crisis. And that’s exactly what this bond package does. It commits to the next set of future infrastructure investments in our community,” said Mayor Keller.

One big-ticket item included in the bond is money for an indoor sports complex near APS’ community stadium. “Instead of sort of saving money, and stocking away, we’re trying to finish the funding that’s needed for start phase ones of these projects that’ve been in the works for many years,” said Mayor Keller.

The Mayor’s Office is proposing a little more than $2 million go to the indoor sports facility which would be used for youth sports and regional tournaments. When first announced, it was estimated to cost about $18 million. The Mayor is also planning for about $6 million to go towards a multigenerational center at Cibola Loop, across from the high school. It’s a project that’s been talked about for years.

“With state money that we’ve already got, past money that we’ve already got, plus this new money, we believe we can break ground on a multi-gen center on Cibola Loop,” Mayor Keller said.

The press conference was held at a vacant lot on San Mateo and Kathryn. The Mayor is proposing $7 million of the bond package go to phase one of the developments of that lot. He wants it to become the future office site to his new, incoming Albuquerque Community Safety Department. He said it’s important for the new department to have its own office site, separate from the police and fire departments.

“We also want that home to be close to communities that need those services. It’s just an idea at this point but we certainly think it’s a nice fit and it’s a great starting place. But there’s plenty of room for input and changes down the road,” he said.

The proposed bond package also includes a few million for The Railyards makeover and $9 million to finish up the Southeast Area command center, which the Mayor said is the busiest and smallest command center in the city. The Mayor is also wanting $7 million to go to new technology and apparatuses for Albuquerque Fire Rescue and renovating one of the oldest fire stations near Juan Tabo and Central.

The Mayor’s Office said $25 million will also go to infrastructure with much of that money going towards the west side to help ease traffic there. About $21 million of the bond package would go towards streets, sidewalks, and medians with the McMahon Boulevard expansion being the biggest project on the list. The Mayor’s proposed bond package will now go to city council and voters will get the final say when it’s on the ballot in November.