Mayor discusses Albuquerque's equity profile

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - The city of Albuquerque is working to make sure people are being paid equally for equal jobs. 

A new study shows pay inequality in Albuquerque is affecting people of different races as well as genders. 

Yet, as Albuquerque becomes more racially diverse, the pay gap isn't changing. 

One example -- only 14 percent of the city's white population lives below the poverty level, while 44 percent of Native Americans continue to live in poverty. 

This, despite the recent increase in the city's Native American population. 

The city's new Office of Equity and Inclusion is now working with the government to close that gap. 

"We are united by one value to see our city's diversity as our greatest asset," Mayor Tim Keller. 

The city also wants it to be easier for all groups, including refugees and immigrants, to participate in the local economy. 

It's now taking steps to support small business with minority owners and equip young people with the skills needed to move in careers. 


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