“Fruit Loops the Serial Killer” is a novel about Candy Jane Cane, a woman living in Mongoose Falls, Minnesota and finds herself in the middle of a serial killer’s rampage. The only clue law enforcement has are the Fruit Loops left at the crime scenes.

Author Mary Maurice discusses the book as well as how you can catch a live reading. Mary explains that her career began after she wrote a poem in the ninth grade.

She has since published three books which can be purchased online on Amazon and plans to publish several more. While her latest novel has a lighthearted title, she says the material is for ages 18 and older.

Mary describes the work as “a soft murder mystery’ and an easy read. She will be holding a book reading this upcoming weekend in Santa Fe.

Prior to the reading, special guest Michael McGarrity will hold a question and answer segment with Mary.

A reading of Mary’s work will take place on Sunday, November 10 at 4:30 p.m. at the El Meson Restaurant and Tapas Bar located at 213 Washington Ave. in Santa Fe.