ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque red light runner ended up taking police on a long chase at speeds that topped 110 miles per hour. When it was over, the two-time drunk driver made it clear he wasn’t drinking and driving again, this time it was meth.

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What ended up being a 65-mile chase almost ended all the way back in Albuquerque. Last month, a state police officer saw a gold car run a red light on the frontage road by Coors and Ouray.

Once on I-40, the officer flipped on his lights the driver pulled onto the shoulder like he was going to pull over. Instead, police say 41-year-old Patrick Bentacu decided to take off.

Dashcam videos from four police officers show Bentacu speeding and dangerously passing other cars on I-40. Once in the east mountains, he even appeared to lose officers at one point. What he likely didn’t know is they had an officer up ahead, his headlights turned off, ready to throw a spike strip.

With his tires flat, Bentacu started slowing down pulling into the median. Surrounding officers closed in and easily got Bentacu in cuffs. He told officers he had a revoked license stemming from a DWI in 2000.

Officer: You don’t drink at all?
Benacu: No
Officer: Okay. What about drugs?
Bentacu: I got high earlier
Officer: High on what?
Bentacu: Pot

Officer: Pot?
Bentacu: Pot and…
Officer: There’s other stuff? What else?
Bentacu: Meth

Bentacu is charged with a third DWI, the chase, and possession of burglary tools. He had bolt cutters in his car. He has a past arrest for burglary.