ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The man suspected of shooting a state police officer on Feb. 11 after a chase outside of Edgewood will stay behind bars until his trial. On Monday, Caleb Elledge did not contest the prosecution’s motion for pretrial detention in a hearing that only took minutes.

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“At this time Mr. Elledge is going to waive his right to a hearing in this matter 30:07 and would stimulate to the detention hold,” said defense attorney Stefanie Gulley

State police say nearly two weeks ago, Elledge, along with Alanna Martinez lead police on a miles-long chase. The officer used a pit maneuver to stop the suspects, that’s when police say Elledge shot that supervisor in the neck.

The two were arrested at a house in Mcintosh the very next day. The officer that was shot survived.

This isn’t Elledge’s first time dealing with the law. In fact, he has a long criminal history that stretches back to 2016 with an assault on a family member.

Just last year he was let on a plea bargain but broke his probation and was on the run for 8 months before police caught up with him two weeks ago. He got a lot of breaks with judges letting him out after he violated probation or conditions of release until Monday.

“I will also accept the stipulation to the factors… find that the defendant is dangerous and that the court cannot fashion any conditions or combination of conditions that would adequately protect the public at this time,” said Judge Clara Moran, Second Judiciary District Court.

In 2018 Elledge fired at officers and was given a one-year prison sentence after he a plea deal combined three cases together. Elledge will be back in court on March 10th for probation violation hearings.

In those probation violation cases, Caleb Elledge could be ordered by a judge to serve the rest of his time, which is about three years in state prison.